Electronic Hardware Repair

Our Electronic Card Repair service is an innovative approach to maintenance and repair of any electronic card which provides cost and time efficiency in electronic repairs for any commercial institution

We have state of the art in-circuit functional test systems by which we can identify the faults of any electronic card and replace the faulty units in a matter of minutes. Our sophisticated laboratory located in Dubai hosts an expert team of electronics engineers and technicians who are specialized in this field.
#The main benefits of this service for the end-users are:

  • Minimum 30% savings in electronic repair costs
  • The same extensive post-repair warranty conditions with the original manufacturer of the electronic modules
  • Fast and reliable service
  • Less spare units requirements due to very fast return of repaired units which decreases CAPEX investments dramatically
  • Possibility of establishing local setup according to the volume of business which can make the repairs even faster
  • Compliance with the applicable standards related with ESD and electronic hardware handling

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You can also download our service presentation by GloTech-PCB-Presentation GloTech-PCB-Presentation clicking here.