Network Planning & Optimisation Service

GLOTECH has earned the repute of a compitent and reliable NPO services delivery partner. We specialise in providing innotive and cost effective solutions to our partners and ensure top quality service delivery.

Our involvement could range from supplying experienced resources up to complete turnkey projects and solutions.

Network Planning, Optimization & Quality Assurance, Telecom Implementation and Project Management are some of the key services we offer to our clients.

E2E Multi vendor Multi Technology (GSM/cdma, UMTS, LTE) Radio Network Planning:

  • 2G, 3G, 4G Radio Network Design & provide guidelines (IBS & Outdoor)
  • Network Capacity Planning and Capacity Management guidelines
  • Turn Key Solution for Propagation Models Calibration
  • Provision of Drive Test/Walk Test Service
  • RF Database Management Service and guidelines
  • Site on Air initial tuning to achieve design targets

Transport and Core Network Planning:

  • End-to-end transmission backbone planning
  • System capacity and load planning
  • Network Element Datafill Preparation (Remote or On-site)
  • IP Planning
  • E2E Core Network Audit

E2E Network (RF, CS & PS Core) Optimisation:


  • Multi Vendor Multi Technology (2G, 3G, WiMax and LTE) Optimisation
  • Complete Site Audits (RF, TRS, Hardware and Implementation)
  • Parameter/Feature Inconsistency checks and Optimization
  • Drive Testing
  • Rigging (RF Hardware Configuration Modifications)

FTK Network Rollout & Implementation:

  • End-to-end Project Rollout Management
  • Telecom Implementation (expertise on all mainstream vendors)
  • Site on Air Acceptance and Integration to live network

Network Performance Benchmarking:

  • Coverage and Quality Benchmarking based on Drive Tests
  • Quality and KPI benchmarking based on real multivendor KPIs.
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  • Detailed and Accurate Reports for Executive and Technical Use
  • Performance improvement Recommendations
  • Performance Benchmarking
  • Trend analysis and upgrade recommendations

Turnkey IBS Service Delivery (LTE, 3G, 2G):

  • Indoor Site Design and Surveys
  • Active or Passive System Designs
  • Project Management and Telecom Implementation for Active or DAS solutions
  • Walk Test, Analysis and Site Verification Report
  • KPI Optimisation to meet Design targets
  • Site Acceptance Report and Handover