Full Turn Key Telecom Implementation & Rollout

Service providers and enterprises must respond to tough challenges when installing and commissioning networks due to scheduling, budget and quality constraints � all while maintaining network integrity. GLOTECH INTERNATIONAL understands the mission-critical nature of deploying networks and has developed a unique suite of Installation and Commissioning services and practices to assist you in managing these tasks.


Successful delivery of Installation and Commissioning services is about people and processes. The challenge many service providers and enterprises face today is the ability to manage cost, quality, schedule, technology evolution and time-to-revenue � getting the network deployed, migrated orexpanded as quickly as possible to start generating revenue.

Key challenges include:

  • Meeting mission-critical deployment schedules with optimal element and network integrity
  • Efficient deployments with minimum network interruptions
  • Lack of technical knowledge and expertise to address emerging technologies
  • Maximizing your network�s revenue potential


GLOTECH INTERNATIONAL qualifies its Installation and Commissioning professionals through continuous training and technical instruction. GLOTECH INTERNATIONAL experts utilize design-supported methodologies, product expertise and field-proven processes to help ensure quality installation and testing of critical system paths and hardware. It is because of our intelligent tools and processes that we are confident that when an element is introduced to the network, it will function as designed, meet performance requirements and help ensure the successful delivery of project objectives.

GLOTECH INTERNATIONAL offers a suite of Installation and Commissioning services for multivendor networks spanning wireless, wireline, optical, transport and VoIP technologies. Services available include:

  • Complete civil works including rooftop, tower and indoor installations
  • Site grounding audit
  • System hardware and cable installation
  • Intra-system secondary power and ground installation
  • System hardware configuration and commissioning
  • Cable management system (ladder rack and fiber duct), within footprint and to power plant and DSX demarcations
  • Power plant installation or augmentation: breakers, rectifiers, fuses
  • DC power runs from plant to equipment
  • DSX/DACS/Fiber install or expansion
  • De-commissioning and de-installation


GLOTECH INTERNATIONAL Installation and Commissioning Service helps ensure you meet your business objectives of maximizing return on capital investments and accelerating time-to-revenue. The service also supports carrier-grade network performance, minimizes deployment risk and drives incremental revenue through new and existing networks.

  • Improve time-to-revenue by enabling operators to meet mission-critical deployment schedules with optimal element and network integrity
  • Reduce deployment risk with seamless network deployment and minimum impact to your customer base
  • Maximize return on capital investments by ensuring new networks are deployed to maximize performance through optimization of capacity and coverage requirements